Important updates

The NDIA’s co-design work

3 people working on a project.

Council Members talked about the NDIA’s co‑design projects.

Co-design is when people work together to plan something new.

3 people standing together in a group.

One of the co-design committees is the Information Gathering for Access and Planning Co‑design Steering Committee.

A committee is a group of people who meet to talk about ideas.

2 people talking. Above them is an important icon.

Council Members explained how important it is for the committee to tell people about what they are doing.

The committee should also use advice from:

Health care workers, a nurse, a dentist and a doctor.

  • health professionals

A group of people with disabilities pointing at themselves with their other hand raised.

  • people with disability and their families.

Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC)

Grant document icon and a government icon.

A grant is money from the government to pay for important work that can help others in the community.

A woman supporting a person next to a dollar sign icon and an ILC program icon. A curving arrows points from the dollar sign to the ILC program icon and a curving arrow points from the ILC program icon to the 2 people.

The Information, Linkages and Capacity Building program gives grants to organisations that support people with disability.

We call it the ILC program.

An image of Sarah Guise.

Ms Sarah Guise is a Branch Manager at the Department of Social Services (DSS).

Sarah shared the work DSS has done on the ILC program.

A woman greeting a woman in a wheelchair, next to them is a grant document.

Sarah told us about a new grant to support businesses to hire people with disability.

Calendar that says 'June 2024'.

She also told us that funding for 350 ILC grants will last until June 2024.

This is longer than they were supposed to last.

ILC Strategy icon.

Sarah also told us DSS is making an ILC Strategy.

A strategy document.

A strategy is a plan for how they will do things in the future.

Parliament House next to an NDIS document with a review icon and an arrow pointing away.

She told us DSS have to wait until after the government reviews the NDIS.

ILC Strategy icon with a tick.

Then they will finish the Strategy.

DSS are also working on:

Website icon with a grant document open. The grant document has a tick next to it.

  • a new way to share how well grants are working

A group of diverse people in front of a rural landscape and a dollar sign icon.

  • ways to use more funding far away from cities and towns

Grant document with an accessibility icon and government icon.

  • making ILC grants more accessible.

A woman pointing to herself and raising her other hand. Above her is a thought bubble.

Council Members shared what they think about the work on the ILC program.

A woman supporting a person use a computer. Above them is a grant document and a government icon.

Members explained the ILC program should support small organisations to apply for grants.

ILC program icon with an information and supports icon.

Organisations who get ILC grants should have a place to share information and support.